Essential oils are a great and effective natural repellent.

Essential oils are a great and effective natural repellent.

Looking for a natural way to repel insects on our dogs? Consider this essential oils tip:

With summer comes fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. For those of us who like to spend this time outside with our dogs, we know how important it is to protect them from these nasty bugs. Creature Comforts offers a safe, natural repellent made from pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Essential oils are a great option for dogs that don’t spend a lot of time outdoors in heavily infested areas or for use in dogs with a compromised immune system where we don’t want to apply additional stress (chemical repellents) to their system. Essential oils are also a great choice for owners just wanting a more natural option. Using essential oil blends does mean you apply them more often, but rest assured, you are applying a wonderfully effective product. Any of the essential oil blends of Purification®, Thieves®, and Melrose® do a great job repelling insects. We don’t recommend using undiluted essentials oils on your animal but rather use a base of cold-pressed almond or olive oil or the “V-6” blend of vegetable oils.

Be sure to stop by or call us today to discuss the best essential oil option for your dog. Creature Comforts uses only therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living.