Creature Comforts, LLC offers quality, compassionate care for cats and dogs in the comfort of home or in our office space.  Through integrative medicine, we offer many different ways to achieve optimum health in your pet.  Creature Comforts takes pride in the wide array of services now available, making pet health care easier than ever before. We are committed to professional, caring, and personalized service to both the pet caregiver and the animal companion.

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Dr. Miller has published books in which she explains the variety of food options for feeding your cat or dog for optimum health. She also discusses the pros and cons of commercial foods, what kinds of foods cats and dogs really crave, and much more.  Buy your copy at the Creature Comfort office, on Amazon, or Amazon Kindle Store.

feeding your feline naturally

Dr. Sandra Miller, Owner and Veterinarian

Dr. Sandra Miller graduated from the University of WI – School of Veterinary Medicine in 1994.  She first practiced in a mixed animal practice in northeastern WI, before moving to Burlington in 1998.  She opened Creature Comforts Veterinary Service in 1999, offering house calls to clients in SE Wisconsin.

In December of 2000, Dr. Miller completed her certification in Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy. This course also piqued her interest in pet nutrition. There are a number of common pet illnesses that can be controlled or cured with proper nutrition. Such an easy solution, with so many rewards!

In July 2003, Dr. Miller completed her certification in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy. Both of the certification programs were completed through The Healing Oasis Wellness School in Sturtevant, WI. The courses are accredited and approved by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board.

In 2004, her first book on feeding your pets naturally went to print. It is available on Amazon, or through our website at creaturecomfortsveterinary.com

In 2011, Dr. Miller purchased property, to open a clinic, so clients would have the choice of house call appointment or an office visit appointment.  House calls were limited to routine care, like vaccinations and heartworm testing. This facility opened up the opportunity to do routine surgeries and see sick animals for care.  While no emergency appointments are offered, this facility allows us to take care of non-emergency sick animals. Routine surgeries, like spays/neuters, dental cleanings, and lump removals can be performed here.

In April of 2018, Dr. Miller completed her certification in Medical Acupuncture, through the Colorado State University Curacore program.  Acupuncture and Spinal Manipulation and Rehab all work synergistically to improve function, heal after surgery, or relieve pain.

Through the years, Dr. Miller expanded her knowledge in nutrition, whole food supplements, therapeutic essential oils, and flower essence therapies. She uses laser therapy and TENS to control pain. Although she still offers western medicine to clients, she prefers to lean towards a natural option when possible.

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I joined Dr. Miller and her team at Creature Comforts in January of 2019. From the first time I walked into the clinic, there was a sense of calm and caring. My experience is in providing customer service to animals and humans. I worked for a “human” doctor for several years, owned my own retail business and then followed my heart which lead me to the veterinary world.

I am a Wisconsin (Milwaukee) native and have lived in Waterford for the past 21 years.  My husband and I are proud parents of Stella (Chiweenie), George (BIG cat), and Missy (regular cat).  Oh yeah, we also have three grown sons.  We enjoy traveling, hiking, biking, and visiting our human children.




Hi, I’m Katie, a dedicated veterinary assistant with five years of experience in providing compassionate and comprehensive care to a wide variety of animals. I have a deep love for animals and am passionate about ensuring the well-being and health of every pet that comes into our clinic. At home, I enjoy the company of my two beloved cats and a loyal dog.

In addition to my fulfilling career in veterinary care, I am a devoted parent to my lively three-year-old. Balancing work and family, I also channel my creativity into running a successful tie-dye business, where I bring vibrant and unique designs to life. Whether at work, at home, or in my business, I strive to bring a blend of dedication, compassion, and creativity to everything I do.

We love Dr. Miller - she is diligent and caring!

She always follows up like she says she will, and the staff is amazing. Everyone there takes the time to explain everything to you and your family and give you every option available for your pet's care.

We drive about an hour to have our fur babies seen by her. It's worth every mile drove to have our animals feel safe. Gizmo always roams around the exam room with 0 fear!

-Jayme, Google Review

The service at Creature Comforts has always been excellent. We've taken our 3 Goldy's and our 2 cats here for years.

Everyone here is very accommodating and friendly.

Wouldn't think of ever changing vets.

-Mark, Google Review

Dr Miller has been taking care of our dogs for over 10 years. I not only see her as a caring professional but also as a friend now. I love that she uses eastern (holistic)and western medicine when needed. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about species appropriate diets and always takes the time to listen and figure out the best plan of care. We have utilized laser treatments and chiropractic care when needed. The staff is always friendly and professional. My dogs have out-lived their life expectancies with that all Creature Comforts has to offer!

-Diane from Kansasville

Dr Miller has the unique ability to combine conventional care with alternative care.  Having a dog who needed both, I was able to see how acupuncture could assist with pain management and nerve damage. Currently she is using stem cell replacement too. Dr Miller also has great knowledge of foods best suited for pets, and shares this knowledge through classes. Staff at the office  is always friendly and welcoming.

Peg from Burlington, WI

I love being able to choose Creature Comforts for all my pet's needs! I have always found Dr. Miller and the staff at Creature Comforts caring and compassionate, all while providing exceptional care for my pets during all stages of their lives.
Dr. Miller is extremely knowledgeable in traditional and holistic veterinary care and has a gift for melding those two modalities together to provide the best support for the well-being of my pets. If you love your pet, you’ll love Creature Comforts!

Allison from Burlington

Doctor Miller and her team are wonderful to work with. The compassion, care, and support they provide to us, and our furry kids, gives us the confidence that we are doing what's best to help Daisy and Gator thrive and live a healthy life.
Our relationship with Dr. Miller is a truly collaborative partnership. We always feel that any course of action we take is in the best interest of our furry kids. The trust that we have in Dr. Miller and her team is invaluable. Thank you to each of you for all that you do!

Tami and Garry from Union Grove

Chili has been treated for spinal injury and joint issues. The staff and Vets at Creature Comforts have thought of supplements and alternative treatments to keep her mobile and comfortable. Recently she is being treated with stem cell injections, and she is doing much better. Now we just have to keep her from returning to her old crazy activity level because she feels better;) 

Dawn and Greg from Burlington

“Dr. Miller & the entire staff at Creature Comforts are so compassionate and caring.
My dog had a long illness for which there was no cure. Dr. Miller went above and beyond to do everything possible to help him have as much quality time as possible. Both he and I were treated with kindness and respect and Oliver’s comfort and well being were always the priority and I’m so thankful for the wonderful care he was given”

Kathy from Waterfod

My three Labs and two cats have all been to Creature Comforts. Dr. Miller combines a great holistic/integrative approach with traditional medicine. I have utilized chiropractic treatments, laser therapy, dental cleanings, as well as routine checkups. And if you have questions about food, Dr. Miller wrote the book (yes, two of them!) about nutrition for dogs and cats. With her guidance, I found the perfect diet for my crew. I highly recommend Dr. Miller and her staff!

Dena - from Rockford

We love Creature Comforts Veterinary Service! Our dogs have been receiving veterinary services from Dr. Sandra Miller for years. Dr. Miller is knowledgeable and offers many options to treat our concerns for our dogs. She takes the time to answer our questions and works to be proactive to help them stay healthy. I know I can trust her with the care of our dogs. We appreciate how thoughtful and friendly the staff is each time we visit. We can’t say enough positive things about Creature Comforts!

Lori and Dan from Union Grove

Dr. Miller and the entire team at Creature Comforts are outstanding. I always know my dogs are in capable and caring hands, and I appreciate the conservative approach to any treatments needed. Dr. Miller will also try quality supplements before prescribing medication whenever possible, which has proved very effective. If you want your pets to receive the best care, you need to visit Creature Comforts!

Jan from Whitewater

I cannot say enough positive things about Creature Comforts. They have been our vet for over 20 years and have treated our cats and dogs with quality care. Dr. Sandy and her staff have always treated our pets with gentleness even in trying situations. I highly recommend Creature Comforts.

Jill from Geneva

My husband and I had just started our research on the benefits of a raw food diet when our dog, Mellow, was experiencing a lot stomach upset with her current dry food brand. We were new to Wisconsin and Dr Miller was recommended due to her holistic approach. This was exactly what we were looking for. Dr Miller figures out the underlying issue rather than simply prescribing unnecessary medication. Your pet and their well being is her main focus.

Jon and Angela