Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are a major nuisance here in Wisconsin during the warmer season. In fact, fleas can become year-round pests given the right conditions. We are often asked about natural flea, tick, and mosquito remedies as opposed to using western medicine applications like Frontline and Nexgard. While there are no natural or holistic products that can clear up a flea infestation on their own, there are natural preventatives that we offer through Creature Comforts. If your pet is struggling with a flea or tick issue, they will need to be treated by more conventional means. The preventives only repel the flea but do not kill it.

Flower Essences

Green Hope Farm Essences are extracted from plants and flowers and made into formulas without chemicals that can be applied to your pet either topically or orally prior to outdoor activities. These are in no way a means to treat animals who are already infested with fleas or to kill ticks that are already attached. These essences work as repellent. They are safe to use and most pets accept them without any issues.

Essential Oils

When working with animals and essential oils, you must always be respectful of your pet. Animals have a greater sense of smell, and they are more susceptible to different aromas and the effects of essential oils. As a natural bug repellent, you can use a diluted peppermint and water spray and spritz your pet before outdoor activities. Peppermint can be very irritating if it gets into the eyes, so be careful to avoid any accidental problems. Some essential oil companies also have flea and tick sprays that are geared toward animal use. If your pet shows signs of agitation, irritation, or discomfort at any time while using the essential oils, please discontinue use.

With the fall tick season upon us and 2017 already being a very bad flea year, now is a perfect time to begin a more natural regimen to help prevent your pet from becoming infested with these pesky pests! If you would like to pick up a natural bug repellent from the clinic, please call ahead so we can prepare your pet’s personal remedy.