Heartworm season is only a few weeks away. As the weather warms up, mosquitos, as well as other pests, begin to emerge. It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to transmit heartworm larvae to your pet. Over the next 6 months, they travel through the bloodstream to the heart, where they mature into adult heartworms and begin to cause damage. Once a dog has become infected, they have the potential to spread the disease to other animals through a host, the mosquito, where the cycle begins all over again.

Heartworm infection can be fatal. Only one treatment given to the spine exists for this disease, which includes a series of painful, arsenic-type injections. While the treatment is expensive and risky, prevention of this disease is as easy as giving a Heartgard treat. Once a month (every 30 days) preventative, like Heartgard Plus, helps to protect your pet from becoming infected with adult heartworms. It also helps to control intestinal roundworms and hookworms.

How Heartgard Plus Really Works…

Contrary to how it sounds, heartworm preventative does not actually protect your pet against heartworm infection for the entire month, nor does it stay in their system for that month. Once you give the chewable preventative, it kills off any baby heartworms that your pet has picked up in the last 30 days before they can grow to become adult heartworms and cause damage. Heartgard leaves the body within 24-72 hours—24 hours for the intestinal dewormer, 72 hours for the component that kills heartworm.

Current Heartworm/Flea and Tick Coupon Specials

The 2018 preventative coupon rebates are available all year long but we are offering some additional instant savings through February 28th on Heartgard, Nexgard, and Frontline Gold.

• Buy 12 Heartgard — $10 instant rebate plus a $12 mail-in rebate.

• Buy 12 Heartgard & 12 Nexgard/Frontline Gold — $30 instant rebate, $50 mail-in rebate, + only during February, get additional 2 free Nexgard or 4 free Frontline Gold.

• Buy 6 Nexgard, get 1 free + only during February, get a 2nd dose free

• Buy 3 Frontline Gold, get 1 free

• Buy 6 Frontline Gold, get 2 free

Please contact the office in advance so that we may prepare your preventative and the applicable coupons so that they are ready for when you arrive. Your pet must be current on a heartworm test. If you have not been giving preventative all year round, a heartworm test is required prior to dispensing.