Don't put your pets health at risk.

Don’t put your pets health at risk.

The answer to that question is a resounding NO. The company 1800PetMeds, formerly known as PetMed Express, would like you to think that they are offering the exact same products as your veterinarian. That is simply not true. When you order Heartgard, Frontline, Advantage, Interceptor, or any other parasite preventative product online, you are actually ordering a “black market” product. We have covered this information before and full details on this topic can be viewed in our Summer 2008 newsletter, available on our website.

There are no guarantees as to how these products have been handled, stored, labeled, or dispensed. Many of these products need to be stored at a controlled temperature, and there is no guarantee this has been done properly. In fact, PetMed Express has been in litigation in more than one state for improper handling, storage, and dispensing of these prescription medicines.

The most important consideration is these products are no longer guaranteed if purchased online. You and your pet are not getting the “exact” same product as you do from your veterinarian. Is it really worth the risk of making your pet sick from a black market product, just to save a few bucks? Remember, you are trying to protect their health and by giving them a product like Heartgard. Don’t compromise on the quality of the product or on your pet’s health.